Camping is a wonderful way to be closer to the world around you. Bring your own tent or hammock and enjoy beautiful area on the outskirts of the Little A’Le’Inn, utterly surrounded by beautiful desert on the edge of Area 51.

If you are coming to camp in the colder months of the year, be sure you have all the necessary gear and equipment to remain comfortable in the elements. Although the weather may sometimes be a brisk or harsh, wish the right preparation you’ll be sure to have a great time, and you can always pop into the restaurant for a nice warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or (if you’re of age) an adult beverage to help warm you back up!

Water spigots are available to meet your needs as such, and there is a porta-john on site in case you need to relieve your earthling bodily requirements after or before The Little A’Le’Inn is open at night.

Some BBQ grills and Fire Pits are available when the weather conditions are acceptable, although you must find and/or provide your own local fire wood. We ask, of course, you are always responsible with your fires and we discourage building fires during very dry or relatively windy conditions.

Each campsite may support up to six people, and if you have more guests than that in your camping trip, we request you book the proper amount of campsites to comfortably support the number of campers in your party.