Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there cellular signal or wifi available at The Little A’Le’Inn?
A: Yes, there is cellular service at The Little A’Le’Inn and the town of Rachel, but only if your service provider is Verizon or will work on their network. We have complimentary public wifi at The Little A’Le’Inn, but only in and around the Restaurant / Bar / Motel Lobby / Gift Shop. There is no wifi available in the rooms, unless your device’s wifi adapter is capable of connecting to the network all the way from the restaurant itself, which is often unlikely.

Q: How can I confirm the reservation for accommodation(s) I’ve booked, and how do I cancel my reservation if unforeseen circumstances are going to prevent me from arriving?
A: After completing payment to book your reservation, you should have received and E-Mail at the address you provided. It should tell you the details of the accommodations you reserved, show the total price, and provide you with a unique booking / reservation number for confirmation. This E-Mail should also contain a link to assist you in cancelling your reservation, just be sure you have been able to do so before our 24 hour cancellation cut-off time. If you have not received your Confirmation E-Mail, be sure to check your spam folder just in case.

Q: Why is my room price per night $105 or $110 instead of $100?
A: Room prices are $100 for up to two guests. Rooms that may accommodate up to 4 guests come with an additional fee of $5 per person per night for each guest over two total guests.