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Important Reservation Information

*Continue below to find the Accommodation Availability Search Tool.

If you’re trying to book day-of your stay…

Unfortunately, at this time, you must book your room(s) at least one night in advance online. We do not take phone reservations. We offer same-day walk-in booking on a first-come, first-serve basis, as availability allows, for a maximum stay of one night.

If you aim to book an entire unit…

You must book all individual rooms in the unit if/when they are all available. You may view the Master Availability Page here to see each individual availability schedule, together.

*UPDATE: Entire units now show up in search results, so you can now just search for your desired dates and select to book the entire unit from the results, and it will add all of the rooms in the unit to your booking-cart.

If you’re booking on behalf of a company…

Please call (775)729-2515 to discuss availability, rates, and any special accommodations. Thank you.

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